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Johnny Lodden

Team partypoker

Johnny Lodden - Equipe partypoker

partypoker screen name: JLoHarada

A fearless high stakes player who rose to fame during the poker boom, Johnny is every bit as impressive playing live and currently holds the record for most cashes in EPT Main Events having finished in the money a remarkable 22 times. This was achieved in 11 different countries, includes three final tables, and adds up to well over €1.2 million – and that’s just from the EPT! In total, his live career earnings exceed $2.6 million and he’s currently ranked fourth in the highly competitive Norwegian all-time money list.

But when it comes to Johnny it’s not just about the stats. Linger around any high stakes poker game long enough and you’re bound to hear the players strike up a game of Lodden Thinks, an innovative prop bet born at the 2009 World Series of Poker Europe. Talkative fellow pros Phil Laak and Antonio Esfandiari began placing bets based on what Lodden’s answer would be to a series of bizarre questions and whatever Lodden replied was treated as the correct answer, regardless of facts. A strange game, perhaps, but one that indicates just how respected Johnny is in the world of poker.

Scroll down for our Q&A with Anatoly or to check out his poker stats click here.

What is your best game?

Best game? I would say that I can improve a lot on both. I have to get better to study the game and keep in focus. I guess my best game is NL Hold’em tournaments, but my favourite is PLO tourneys.

Do you prefer live or online games?

Live, because then you always know who you are playing against. And then it’s just not about the maths.

What would you say the highlight of your poker career has been?

I like the ‘has been’ in the question because my highlight was many years ago when I was playing the biggest games online. I wish I was older and cleverer when I won that much money. I still can't say a big tourney because I haven't won one yet! I do have the most cashes on the EPT with a couple of final tables from Monte Carlo though, so that would be a highlight.

What is your top poker tip?

To play a lot! Poker is a game that you have to learn by playing and study the game. Almost every player has a different approach to the game so you have to play and study to find the best game for yourself.

What else are you known for?

Nothing really... Been playing poker since I was a very young man!

If you could play a game of poker with anyone, who would it be?

That would be against a group of very rich people that know nothing about poker!

Do you have a favourite poker quote?

When people say: ‘Nice hand, you win!’